Elaboration of tourist projects

Advice for elaboration and in the management of tourist projects. Advice for the design of tourist products. For managerial experts of the hotel and catering business (hotel management).

Fiscal advice

Specialized Advising for the fiscal area of the hotel sector. Technical advice from the members and partners.
By external company compromised with CIDH.

Labor advice

Specialized advising about labor area of the hotel sector. Technical advice from partners for the members.
By external company compromised with CIDH.

Professional Training

We have a large number of collaborators specialized in training for departments, coaching, up selling for departments, sustainability in the hotel trade, energy savings in the tourism sector, protocol, and all types of topics that may be of interest to the hospitality industry. By companies and prestigious professionals.

Conferences, Seminars and Conferences

Information events in which you can have the opportunity to be in contact with other hotel managers and professionals who are in the same situation as you, we also organize meetings with several providers selected by communities, following suggestions from our collective.

Advice on suppliers

We recommend suppliers that have been previously recognized by other colleagues, we participate in the search of the providers adapted to your needs.
By executives active in other companies from the same sector.

Integration of CSR in hotels

We have a large number of professionals to advise and implement CSR in your establishment, with a willingness to perform personal and business services.

Exclusive App for Hotel Directors

Exclusive computer application for your mobile phone, with added value services for hotel managers.

Invitations to events

We provide you with information and invitations to certain events, fairs and conferences related to the tourism sector and catering in general.

Advice and legal defense

Advice, legal defense and legal defense and personalized service.
By an external company committed to our association.

Access to corporate email account

For registered members, we can provide an email account with domain for a minimum processing fee.

Health Insurance

Have access to a health insurance and policies with other coverage, at a more competitive price than if you get it individually.

Sustainable Hotels

We have professional experts with experience in the sustainable sector, with knowledge about the regulations of energy efficiency and sustainability, team trainers or for to advise on projects in your facilities. Collaborating companies with integral solutions for facilities and constructions so that your hotel gets eco-efficient.

Global Job Bank

Thanks to the coverage and contact with HR of worldwide hotel chains, we can publish all your job offers. The offers we publish are exclusively for hospitality managers, regardless the department you are searching for.


Periodic information thanks to our Newsletter with all types of contents of interest for our sector: subsidies, information on changes in tourist regulations, suppliers' offers, trainings, events, congresses, etc.


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